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What Is The Cost Of Shipping A Classic Car In The USA? 

What Is The Cost Of Shipping A Classic Car In The USA? 


When shipping classic vehicles, you should never compromise your shipping services’ safety and security precautions. Classic cars are categorized as prestigious vehicles that were only produced between 1915 to 1948. For such extinct motors, self-driving methods won’t be the best option to transport your vehicles from one place to another.

Enclosed car shipping transport is one of the safest and most convenient shipping methods for shipping classic, luxury, or limited edition vehicles. If you are looking for ways to learn the car shipping cost of enclosed auto transport services for short or long distances, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will walk you through some major factors that are involved in the overall car shipping costs that will help you understand the shipping process and make wise decisions throughout.

Factors affecting the car shipping cost


To understand the shipping costs, it is vital to know the factors that are involved and can majorly affect the process. Here are some significant factors that can easily influence the car shipping cost for short or long-distance transport.

1. Types of shipping services

Depending on customers’ requirements, shipping needs, and budget, the types of services are created by the shipping companies. Remember, unique services are charged differently depending on these factors. For short distances, it is recommended to opt for open auto transport as there are fewer chances of your vehicles getting severely damaged, injured, or stolen.

For longer distances or international shipping, enclosed auto transport may be the better option as it provides more protection from weather and road hazards. Additionally, some shipping companies offer expedited shipping for urgent deliveries, while others offer more affordable options for normal deliveries.

2. Distance

To transport vehicles safely and securely over long distances, shipping companies must arrange appropriate resources, labor, and more for a seamless shipping experience. Hence, the greater the distance, the higher the resource will be needed to fulfill the shipping requirements. This can lead to an increase in the overall cost of shipping classic vehicles. Ensure to learn more about your service provider before handing over your prized possessions.

When shipping classic vehicles, always hire a reputable and experienced shipping company that specializes in this type of transportation. They should use necessary equipment, such as enclosed trailers or lift gates, to handle classic cars and protect them during transport. Always inquire about insurance coverage and any additional fees like customs or international shipments. Researching and asking the right questions will ensure a safe and successful shipping experience for your classic vehicle.

3. Condition of the car

If the conditions of your classic vehicle are not good or it requires resources to load or unload the car from trailers, you might have to pay extra charges to your service provider. It requires advanced tools and shipping methods to safely and securely transport your classic cars to your desired location. Not all autotransport companies are well-equipped to handle such vehicles. Extra resources and power eventually lead to an increase in shipping costs.

Moreover, choose a shipping company specializing in classic car transportation to ensure they have the necessary expertise and experience in handling such vehicles. The autotransport company should also have proper insurance coverage to protect your classic car from any potential damage during transit. Book your classic car transportation service in advance to avoid any last-minute rush. Besides, it will give them enough time to make the necessary arrangements for the safe transportation of your vehicle.

4. Freight and fuel charges


Freight and fuel costs are some situations beyond your service provider’s control. In this situation, you have no other choice but to agree with the shipping costs charged by your service provider. Consider opting for terminal-to-terminal services to save some money during the process.

Apart from considering terminal-to-terminal services, there are other ways to save money on car transport. For instance, you can book the service in advance, as last-minute requests incur higher costs. You can also choose open transport instead of enclosed transport, which can be more affordable. Always compare quotes from different providers to find the best price.

5. Weather conditions

Poor or extreme weather conditions can majorly affect your overall cost and shipping services in the USA. Most shipping companies refrain from taking any orders due to many reasons. However, the ones that agree to ship vehicles during extreme weather conditions often charge double, triple, or more of the actual shipping rates in the market. If you are not in haste to transport your vehicles, you should avoid hiring a shipping service during such conditions.

Apart from a potential increase in the shipping cost during extreme weather conditions, there are also safety concerns to consider. Shipping a vehicle during extreme weather conditions can put both the vehicle and the driver at risk. Therefore, it is important to prioritize safety over speed when it comes to car shipping. If you need to ship your car during extreme weather conditions, discuss safety measures and precautions with your autotransport company.

6. Labour availability

Without shipping professionals, drivers, and other staff, it can be nearly impossible for autotransport companies to operate their business fully. During labor strikes, riots, and other related situations, transportation services come to a halt. The shipping companies responsible for transport can demand high prices even for short-distance shipping orders.

Global events like COVID-19 have severely impacted the shipping industry, causing delays and increased costs due to a shortage of containers, port closures, and travel restrictions. Contingency plans and stakeholder collaboration are crucial to ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries.


7. Others

Other factors such as economic emergencies, road conditions, shortage of resources, government rules, and more can majorly affect the overall cost to ship a car from one place to another. It is imperative to stay updated with the latest changes in government regulations, shipping policies, market rates, and more before confirming your services. Doing this will help you grab the best available option in the marketplaces.

Ask relevant questions to your service provider, seek referrals from your friends or family members, and conduct background checks to discover the best and most reliable auto transport company near you.

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