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Take control of your inventory

Strategically sited centers and value-added services to support your business

Whether you’re building a comprehensive international supply chain or just need to manage a seasonal inventory upsurge, Hyper Atlantic Logistics can help. We have more than two million square meters of strategically located storage distribution centers and consolidation centers to support a wide range of industries.

The value of our services goes beyond inventory management and supply chain visibility. All of our warehouses and distribution centers are near major ports or hub operations as part of a network designed to best meet your cross-border transport needs, just-in-time manufacturing requirements, final mile delivery, after-sales logistics, or reverse logistics.

We provide bonded and highly specialized warehousing as part of an integrated clean room or temperature-controlled supply chain.

Warehousing services include:

  • Distribution Centers

    Strategically located for inventory management, storage, reverse logistics, and distribution requirements

  • Vendor-Managed Inventory

    Improved stock management through demand planning and inventory forecasting and visibility

  • Warehouse Site Consultancy

    Advice on optimal warehouse locations to improve inventory management and distribution

  • IT Innovation

    Stock and transportation control though our internal visibility systems or WMS, providing timely and accurate visibility and planning of shipments and stock status

  • Temperature-Controlled Warehouse

    Facilities capable of integrating into a temperature-controlled supply chain across a wide range of industries and regulatory requirements

  • Container Freight Station (CFS)

    Consolidation solutions spanning order management and less-than-container-load (LCL) services for improved shipping efficiency, planning, and forecasting

We also offer several value-added services, in-warehouse or in-plant, at point of origin or destination, at our facilities or yours. These services can improve the efficiency of your operations, simplify processes, shorten your supply chain, and cut costs. Our supply chain engineers work with your team, on site, to customize a solution based on your needs.


Value-added services include:

  • Kitting and Assembly

    By delaying production-ready or customer-ready kits and light assemblies until needed, we give you greater flexibility over your inventory. For the retail sector, we provide garment-on-hanger services and support promotions by pre-assembling point of sale displays.

  • Labelling

    We can apply customized labels for different markets or add last-minute swing tags, barcodes, and price stickers to support local promotions.

  • Pre-Inspection

    Maintaining the highest quality standards, we offer on-site inspection of inbound and outbound goods and components, reducing wastage and protecting your brand.

  • Pre-Installation

    Our service includes software installation, configuration, and testing on a wide range of products (copiers, printers, mobile phones, monitors, and other electronics), as well as battery charging for the automotive and manufacturing industries.


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