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What Does “Create Your Own Reality” Mean? By A Life Coach

What Does “Create Your Own Reality” Mean? By A Life Coach

Nancy Solari

Nancy Solari is an accomplished CEO, life coach, and motivational speaker. Read full profile

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Have you ever felt stuck and complacent in life, wishing for a better job, the perfect relationship, or more money? It is easy to believe that if you wait around long enough, the right opportunity or circumstance will fall into your lap and then you will finally be happy. But you might waste months or even years just waiting for something to change.

From the perspective of a life coach, you are capable of creating your own reality right now, even when things feel out of control.

Here’s how.

What Does it Mean to Create Your Own Reality?

Forging your own path means finding your passion and vision for life and using it to take action. It is about participating each day with confidence and drive, rather than standing on the sidelines and watching life pass you by.

When you are clear about what you are striving for, you can find the strength to change your situation and give your life a new purpose.

How to Create Your Own Reality

Uprooting your routine and lifestyle can feel daunting. If you are unsure of where to start, here are five tips to begin creating your own reality and living life to the fullest.

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1. See Your Life in Chapters

If you find yourself just going through the motions and you feel like every day is the same, consider shifting your perspective.

Think of your life as a book. When you create your own reality, view yourself as the author of your story. If you feel stagnant right now, that is okay. A story is constantly changing and moving, which means you have the power to write the next chapter however you want.

Each page does not have to be a huge accomplishment or exciting event. It can be something like changing up your fitness routine by going for a hike or taking a day to focus on your wellness and cooking a healthy meal. You can even have a few pages dedicated to self-care where you just stay home and watch Netflix for hours.

If you are in chapter 25 of your life right now, perhaps you plan your chapter 30 to be the one where you finally buy your dream car.

When you live each day from the mindset of authoring your own life, you act with more intention and purpose. Ask yourself how entertained you are by your story right now or imagine what others would think of your book if they were reading it.

If you are bored, remember that you can write new words and add a plot twist that will push you towards the reality you want to build. Every day is a new page and a fresh chance to take action.

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2. Release Your Thoughts

Perhaps you have been unable to change your circumstances because you are overwhelmed by your thoughts. When your mind is confused or cluttered, you lack a clear direction for your life, and you are controlled by external stresses or obstacles. This is why purging your feelings is important for creating your own reality.

Consider journaling or starting a voice diary. A lot of times, to make changes in your life, you have to physically release those fears or worries onto paper or voice them out loud. When you get heavy emotions off your chest and out of your head, you clear space for new ideas and gain more motivation.

Journaling can also be an opportunity to make plans. You can write down your biggest dreams without holding back out of fear of judgment. If you add a timeframe or make a schedule for your goals, you will be more likely to push yourself to achieve them because you put it in writing.

Even making a small checklist for the week will allow you to make the most out of the limited hours in a day. Then, after a few months, look back on your journal or listen to your voice diary. You will be surprised to see that the goals you wanted to accomplish actually happened.

When you reflect on the words you wrote or spoke, you will even find that you have become more positive. You will be proud of the growth you have made and the new reality you created.

3. Find Your Positive Anchors

At some point, you have probably experienced stress or frustration because things felt like they were quickly unraveling. Maybe there was a time when a family member was sick or you did not get a promotion at work, and you could not do anything about it.

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Chaos is a constant part of life that comes and goes in waves. The key to creating your own reality amidst this uncertainty is to find the positive anchors in your world. This could be a person you feel safe around and are able to be vulnerable and honest about your emotions with.

Your anchor could also be a memento of some kind, like a special book you read that brings you comfort or a song that takes you to a happy place. When you have these positive support systems, you can lean on them during tough times and use them to change your situation.

Without positive pillars to hold onto, you will lose your grasp on reality. If your most chaotic environment is the workplace, have a picture of your family or a destination you want to travel to that will remind you of your uplifting anchor.

If you are going through a period in life that is especially overwhelming, consider finding a friend who can be your accountability partner. You can chat with them for 10 minutes every morning to gain a boost of energy and be prepared to seize the day. You will feel empowered and encouraged to build the life you want when you surround yourself with the right tools to stay grounded.

4. Find Your Own Lane

You might have the limiting belief that your life has to look a certain way to be fulfilling. Perhaps you may view someone else’s reality where they live in a huge house as what you should aspire for. But remember that the beauty of charting your own course is that it does not have to fit a certain mold.

When you shape your own path, you can go down many different roads and find the lifestyle that fits you best. Your options are limitless. The secret is to become aware of all your choices and seize every moment.

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5. Seize All Opportunities

If you want to change your career path, consider what your natural skills are and the industry where your talents will shine. If you are passionate about educating people, you do not necessarily have to become a teacher. There are so many other opportunities, like coaching a little league or being a tutor.

Consider staying open-minded when it comes to dating, too. You might have a strict idea in your head of who your ideal partner is, but if you stay closed off to meeting anyone who does not check all your boxes, you might end up missing out on the one who makes you feel most alive.

Building your own reality means stepping outside of the box to take hold of every possibility that comes your way. When you are a go-getter, you can take charge and experience everything life has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Creating your own reality allows you to wake up each day with conviction and satisfaction because you know you are living out your truth. When you push yourself to take action from a place of confidence, you will have the power to build the lifestyle you have always wanted.

If you view your life in chapters and make each page meaningful, you will be proud of the story you have written. When you purge negative thoughts or anxieties in a journal, your mind will feel refreshed, and your body will have more energy.

Finding positive anchors that you can lean on when life feels chaotic or uncertain helps you stay grounded and focus on what is most important to you.

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Remember that you can take advantage of having plenty of options in all aspects of life, you just must be willing to step out of your comfort zone. If you implement these four tips into your daily life, you will be ready to take the initiative to create a reality that excites you.

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