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TBS Champion Jade Cargill Retains Against Willow on AEW Rampage

TBS Champion Jade Cargill Retains Against Willow on AEW Rampage

The TBS Championship was on the line during tonight’s AEW Rampage, and Jade Cargill looked to continue her undefeated streak and Title reign against Willow Nightingale. Willow made an immediate impression and hit Cargill with some great offense, but the Champion found her footing and evened things out as the match progressed, taking back control for a while, and then Kiera Hogan got a few shots in when the referee wasn’t looking. Willow stayed in the match though, but it was just too much to overcome, and Cargill is still your AEW TBS Champion.

At the start of the match, Cargill pushed Willow into the corner and then hit her with uppercuts, but Willow landed on her feet after being thrown to the other side of the ring. An enzuigiri followed but then Willow hit Cargill with elbows. Willow missed on the pounce attempt and Cargill threw her outside of the ring, keeping the referee distracted while Kiera Hogan got a few free shots in.

Cargill then knocked Willow back outside of the ring and slammed her head into the ring apron, but when she tried to throw her into the barricade Willow countered and slammed Cargill’s back into the barricade instead. Cargill rolled into the ring and Willow followed, but Cargill got to her feet in time to get some kicks in and then slam her into the turnbuckle.

She threw her back down to the mat and kicked her in the back, following it up with a kick to the midsection. Cargill taunted a bit and then hit a running elbow. She went for the same move but got hit with double kicks and then Willow delivered an array of vicious chops to Cargill’s chest.

The TBS Championship landscape has just gotten VERY interesting with the appearance of @AthenaPalmer_FG & @callmekrisstat! Watch #AEWRampage: #RoadRager on @tntdrama right now!

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) June 18, 2022

Willow went up top and landed a dropkick into a cover but Willow kicked out. Cargill hit a spine buster on Willow and then delivered her finisher and that was too much to overcome for Willow. Cargill retains her TBS Championship and Cargill and Hogan then jumped Willow, but Athena’s music hit.


Cargill and Hogan faced the entrance and then Athena surprised them from the top rope. Cargill then attacked Athena but before she could land the move Kris Statlander came out to help even the odds, clearing the ring and helping Willow up to her feet.

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