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Fine Art Shippers Celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Art Paris

Fine Art Shippers Celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Art Paris

Fine Art Shippers joined Art Paris for the celebration of its 25th anniversary. It was marked by a diverse selection of artworks represented by many notable galleries.

The art logistics company Fine Art Shippers visited Art Paris, a renowned French art fair that celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. In recent years, Art Paris has seen a significant increase in attention from international participants, which was reflected in this year’s lineup. The fair featured 134 galleries from 25 countries. The organizers of the event consider this an indication of Paris becoming a new center of the global art gallery ecosystem on par with London.

Art Paris is an art fair that annually invites galleries from around the world to promote their artists and meet with potential clients. This year, the anticipated event took place in the Grand Palais Éphémère, an exhibition venue surrounded by the landscape of the Champ de Mars.

Art Paris 2023 made a valuable contribution to the development of the contemporary art scene. The section titled “Promises” became one of the main attractions of the art fair thanks to the nine galleries, all of which were established no longer than six years ago. “Promises” gave these young galleries a wonderful opportunity to make themselves known and showcase their artists to an international audience.

Traditionally, Art Paris focuses its exhibitions on specific themes. The 2023 edition of the show was dedicated to topics of exile and the connection between art and commitment. The highlights of the art fair include the poignant work by Damien Deroubaix, whose art sheds light on the dehumanizing nature of war, making it especially relevant to the current day. Sculptures by the French-Iranian artist Sépànd Danesh, in their turn, explore the issues in the Middle East in a satirical but no less profound way. In tune with the topic of exile, Laura Henno used her photography project “The Story Teller” as a tool of political activism: she portrayed the lives of teenage immigrants trying to survive in a foreign country from a vulnerable and compassionate angle.

Fine Art Shippers, an NYC-based art logistics company, took part in the celebration of Art Paris’ 25th anniversary. The company introduced its services to people involved in the art industry and reconnected with its long-term friends and clients. One of them was the Barcelona-based artist and gallerist Will Yaya, with whom the company has been collaborating for many years.

Fine Art Shippers is an art transportation company that has extensive experience in shipping fine art internationally. It serves artists, galleries, museums, auction houses, and private clients, helping them with art logistics. The company is based in New York and can handle any shipment coming to/from JFK, including import/export documentation and transit art insurance.

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Fine Art Shippers is a professional fine art shipping company headquartered in New York City. Established in 1995, we have grown to provide a wide range of art and antique moving services to meet the needs of the art community and private collectors from around the world. Our expertise includes but is not limited to luxury home moving, art packing and crating, art storage, white glove art courier service, art installation, antique furniture moving, international transportation, and gallery exhibition services. We operate across the United States and worldwide, making Fine Art Shippers the number one choice for many reputable art business professionals and institutions. Find more information about our team of dedicated art shippers on our website.

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