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‘Extreme Hearts’ Anime Unveils Character Promo Videos for the MCs

‘Extreme Hearts’ Anime Unveils Character Promo Videos for the MCs

Masaki Tsuzuki’s upcoming original anime, Extreme Hearts, combines sports, idol life, and friendship in one. The story is set in the near future, where Hyper Sports is a popular form of the games we play today.

To put it simply, Hyper Sports is just a more high-tech form of regular sports that uses special gear and support items. It follows tritagonists Hiyori Hayama, Saki Kodaka, and Sumika Maehara, who are schoolgirls and become close friends after a fateful encounter.

Extreme Sports has revealed character promotional videos for Saki Kodaka and Hiyori Hayama for its upcoming anime premiering on July 9, 2022.

TVアニメ「Extreme Hearts」|小鷹咲希(CV.岡咲美保)キャラクターPV|7/9(土)放送開始

TV Anime “Extreme Hearts” | Saki Kotaka (CV. Miho Okasaki) Character PV | Broadcast on 7/9 (Sat.)

The first one features Saki, a middle schooler and an Extreme Soccer player. As the video recounts Saki’s memories that shaped her, a monologue by her plays in the background.

It then shows how Saki met Hiyori, a high schooler and one of Saki’s favorite singers. Hiyori plays a song for Saki as the latter teaches the singer soccer.

Other than Saki’s upsetting past around soccer and her failures in it, the teaser shows and ends with her playing an intense game of Extreme Soccer.

TVアニメ「Extreme Hearts」|葉山陽和(CV.野口瑠璃子)キャラクターPV|7/9(土)放送開始

TV Anime “Extreme Hearts”|Yokazu Hayama (CV. Ruriko Noguchi) キャラクターPV|Broadcasting starts on 7/9 (Soil)

The second promo video featuring Hiyori shows how she was fascinated by a singer during a concert as a kid and started working towards the same. However, she feels that something is missing from her life.

Hiyori’s singing career is soaring as she juggles school life, but she feels incomplete and unsatisfied with it. Extreme Basketball comes as her savior and gives her something new to work for.

To say that I am excited about this unique sports anime is an understatement. The story breaks many stereotypes centered around women’s sports and takes us through an enlightening journey of life.

I hope they reveal Sumika’s character teaser too now.

About Extreme Hearts

Extreme Hearts is a new original multimedia project by Masaki Tsuzuki (best known for the success of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha franchise) with Waki Ikawa as the original character designer and illustrator.

Tsuzuki is credited for the original work and script. Tsuzuki is best known for providing the original concept and penning the scripts for the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha magical girl franchise.

The format of the project hasn’t been revealed yet.

Source: Extreme Hearts Anime’s Official Website

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