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Advanced Supply Chain International LLC (ASCI) Joins American Chain of Warehouses, Inc Organization

Advanced Supply Chain International LLC (ASCI) Joins American Chain of Warehouses, Inc Organization

Anchorage, AK, July 03, 2022 –(– Advanced Supply Chain International LLC (ASCI) recently jointed American Chain of Warehouses, Inc (ACWI) as the organization’s representative for the state of Alaska. ACWI was founded in 1911 and is a non-profit organization that matches companies in need of 3PL services with the right warehousing and logistics service providers.

ACWI ‘s network operates in more than 12 million sq ft of warehouse space strategically located throughout North America, offering the capacity customers need for efficient inventory management and fast response to local markets. ACWI members provide a full array of transportation services, including local drayage and delivery, LTL/TL freight, consolidation services and fleet management operations. From order taking to order fulfillment, ACWI members support customers’ online sales growth, kitting, testing, packaging, labeling, and POP displays. ACWI members also assist customers with deployment of the latest Warehouse Management Systems and technologies for efficient management of customer inventories, with personalized attention to the needs of individual companies.

ASCI has been providing full-service supply chain management support since 1999. Over the past two decades, ASCI developed a reputation as an expert in warehousing, inventory management, procurement, and surplus material coordination. Some examples of ASCI’s supply chain management experience and achievements include:

· 1.8M+ lines of material processed

· $5.8B of inventory procured

· 2.9M+ inbound/outbound shipments processed

· $300M+ average annual inventory value managed

· 100,000+ individual SKUs managed at any given time

· $606M+ client cost savings through inventory reduction, cost avoidance and efficiency

ASCI specializes in managing indoor facilities and laydown yards in urban and remote areas, often dealing with some of the harshest weather conditions. 22+ years of experience on the North Slope, Alaska, has made ASCI one of the most qualified warehouse and inventory management providers within the state. ASCI is a valuable partner to any customer seeking a service provider of efficient, effective and safe warehouse operations in Alaska.

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