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Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran’s Secret Relationship is Exposed

Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran’s Secret Relationship is Exposed

Award-winning actress Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨), 30, and Liu Haoran (劉昊然), 24, are a surprise couple! Dating for almost two years after filming Fire on the Plain <平原上的火燄>, the couple reunited this year to film The Breaking Ice <燃冬>. Although dating rumors surfaced earlier, this is the first time Dongyu was photographed visiting Haoran’s house!

In a vidoe clip, Dongyu’s driver was seen dropping her off in Haoran’s residential neighborhood. Within one month, she visited his house two times. The actor also has a building access card to enter Dongyu’s home.

Careful when meeting up, the couple avoids being photographed together. However, the paparazzi was able to film the couple playing tennis recently, with  Dongyu driving back to Haoran’s home while he biked back to meet her there.

When their dating news broke, the search key words and relevant discussions were read by 1 billion users. Although many are supportive,  some netizens urged others to not jump to conclusions since there is no concrete evidence of their relationship.

A Well-Matched Pair

Despite their 6-year-age gap, both Dongyu and Haoran have venerable achievements.Dongyu is a three-time Best Actress winner, while Haoran is a critically-acclaimed box office sensation. He was accepted to the Central Academy of Drama at 17yearsold with the highest grades among all applicants that year year. At 21, he set the record as the youngest nominee for Best Actor at the Hundred Flowers Awards. After seven years in the industry, he is now the youngest male artiste with assets of 10 billion Chinese yuan. After the Detective Chinatown <唐人街探案> film franchise amassed CNY 18 billion at the box office, Haoran became the fourth on the list of 100 artistes ranked by box office power.


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