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Xiaomi’s Mi TV Shipment Ranks First in China Third Year in a Row

Xiaomi’s Mi TV Shipment Ranks First in China Third Year in a Row

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Xiaomi’s Mi TV’s birth. The Chinese consumer electronics giant announced on Monday that its Mi TV lineup has ranked first in China in terms of shipping for the third year in a row.

Xiaomi said that in the past two years, its Mi TV has ranged from its MAX series to the Master series, completing an overall lineup of cost performance, quality-to-price ratio and screen-to-price ratio, while also promoting the industry’s large screen, high-end and audio and video enhancements.

This year, Xiaomi has launched models such as the EA58 2022, EA60 2022, ES Pro 86 and Redmi MAX 100.

At the beginning of 2020, Xiaomi had announced that in 2019, its Mi TV shipment and sales ranked first in China with the shipments alone reaching 10.46 million units. As a result, the company became the first TV brand with an annual shipment exceeding 10 million units in the Chinese market. Since then, the company’s TV lineup has continued to rank first in China.

It is worth noting that on May 29, one netizen posted on Weibo a surveillance video showing one of the company’s LCD TVs falling and shattering into pieces all on its own. The video shows the TV falling apparently without any external stimuli.

For such an unusual quality problem, Xiaomi officially responded that this is a “rare case” and that the company has contacted the owner of the product. At the user’s request, Xiaomi is handling an expedited product exchange in order to avoid a prolonged interruption to their daily use.

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Regarding the possible causes of the accident, Xiaomi said that this case is a rare case, so the specific causes of the problem have not yet been identified. Recently, the supply chain has had intermittent issues in logistics and warehousing, so it is preliminary judged that this case is more likely to appear in logistics and warehousing. Faulty products will also be returned to the factory for a detailed case analysis, and the root cause of the accident will be identified to prevent any further incidents.

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