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#WorldBeardDay: Actor Rana Daggubati Decodes Everything You Must Know About Beard Maintenance

#WorldBeardDay: Actor Rana Daggubati Decodes Everything You Must Know About Beard Maintenance

There’s no refuting that Rana Daggubati is one of the most stylish actors in Tollywood today. A great style sense and impressive acting chops aside, Daggubatti has often been in the news for one of his strongest physical attributes: His well-groomed beard. The Baahubali actor recently forayed into entrepreneurship with his own men’s grooming range – DCRAF which he co-created with Roposo, in order to make grooming simpler through effective, ethical, and easy-to-use products. On World Beard Day, MW chats up with the Telegu heartthrob and gets insider info about his grooming routine, products that he swears by, and everything in between.

5 products that we can always find in your monthly shopping cart?

My shopping cart is usually empty, except for basic skin and hair care products.

Tell us in not more than 3 words about what grooming means to you? An effective product that you always have in handy? 

Grooming, according to me, is necessary, simple and something that reflects your confidence and style.  A tool that I always have in handy has got to be my sunscreen.

A grooming mistake you used to make in the past, but don’t anymore? 

Not moisturizing regularly. Well, things have changed and I never skip this integral skincare step anymore.

Name three well-groomed men you’re in awe of.  

The first man has to be my father Daggubati Suresh Babu, he has always been particular about grooming. Then the second man has to be Venkatesh Daggubati, and lastly, can I name myself?  

What does your daily skincare routine look like? 

My skincare routine is very simple for the most part, as I make do with a good facewash, followed by dabbing on some moisturizer, and sunscreen evenly across my face. These are simple things to do, but if done regularly can make a world of difference.

Favorite after-shave product? 

I am going to not-so-sneakily plug in my product here, Dcraf’s Aftershave lotion, which I have co-created with Roposo, a live entertainment commerce platform. It’s super refreshing and smells great. 

A major grooming faux pas is… 

An unkempt beard. Growing a beard is one thing and not letting it run wild is another. One should learn to maintain it and groom it well.  

Describe in not more than a sentence why grooming is important for men. 

In my opinion, grooming is important for men as a well-groomed man reflects attention to detail, discipline, and confidence. 

Do you need a proper routine to grow a beard? What all do you follow? 

Yes, we do need a proper routine to grow a beard. I personally love maintaining my beard. I use beard wash to keep my beard clean, while beard oils & beard serums have actually made my beard healthy and full.  

Is there one beard style you’d never try? 

Maybe the Wolverine style a.k.a. The Mutton Chops. Don’t think I ever want to do that. 

One beard style you’d want to try but don’t feel confident enough as yet? 

Well, it isn’t so much about not having the confidence to pull off some beard style but more about me being very happy with my own beard. For now at least.

Lead Image: Rana Daggubati/ Twitter  

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