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Premium: Special offer for you, incl opportunity for directorship of new CTSE listing

Premium: Special offer for you, incl opportunity for directorship of new CTSE listing

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Today’s world moves at warp speed. To keep up you need the global context to apply local knowledge. That’s the Biznews Premium sweet spot. Put us to the test.

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The Premium Experience

Unique Business and Political Insights

Plenty of bespoke Premium
content on plus Alec Hogg’s daily Rational Perspective newsletter – exclusive to subscribers.

Business and Investment Webinars

Member-only access gives you a seat at the monthly Investment Webinar where we update our top performing share portfolios.

Full Access to The Wall Street Journal

Our ace in the hole – BizNews Premium subscribers enjoy full membership of as part of the deal, thanks to our partnership with the Dow Jones Company. Alone worth many times the cost of the sub. Starts the day you sign up.

Premium member WhatsApp channel

There’s also a subscriber-only WhatsApp channel which pings our members with the latest news. Plus the option of also joining the BizNews Interactive WhatsApp channel where debate is vigorous but respectful. Plus access to a closed user group on Twitter.

Boardroom Talk

Online publisher Alec Hogg is celebrating his 40th year in journalism by relaunching Boardroom Talk, the weekly newsletter which kicked off his digital journey more than a quarter century ago.

Subscriber Testimonials

“I joined Biznews Premium two years ago, and have received more value than I could possibly describe in a few lines.
The highlights: Sense making from a local and global perspective. De-noising a tsunami of news content. Powerful webinars which have provided significant learning and investment opportunities. An underlying thread of humaness and positivity. Well done and onwards Team Biznews!”

Barry van Zyl

“I started subscribing just over a year ago. I know because I just renewed my subscription! As an expat I enjoy the mix of domestic South African news, the international link with WSJ, your daily email updates from Felicity, and the new weekly Friday fun email from Simon. You focus on the key news issues and cut out the incessant ‘chatter’ that seems to dominate media nowadays. Keep up the great work.”

Sean Hayward

“I love the introduction ahead of the stories in BizNews Premium – a great synopsis of what’s happening globally and enough to allow me to make a mental note of stories of interest to read later in the day – either in my lunch break or late in the evening. Thanks for keeping me up to date!”

Samantha Sharkey

“Being in South Africa and thinking globally and having to act locally, it is very important for me to be able to tap into a global voice with local knowledge. BizNews fits the bill perfectly. I really look forward to my early morning fix from Alec and his team. Always relevant. Thank you!”

Ronnie van’t Hof

“My reasons for subscribing to Biznews Premium: (1) responsible, accurate & informative journalism from a variety of knowledgeable contributors, (2) a great variety of topics with access to podcasts, webinars & The Wall Street Journal news, (3) an in-depth platform providing a good mix of local & international items, (4) an ongoing supply of sound trading & investment material for a broad spectrum of investors.”

Ken Powell

“Many thanks for the excellent quality of the information and articles published in Biznews. It is still the highlight of the day and has become a basic need for us to survive.”

Rheta Moore

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Common Questions

Q: Do we really get full access to the Wall Street Journal? What’s the catch?

You absolutely do. No catch. We acquire a subscription to the Wall Street Journal for every Biznews Premium subscriber – including those on the half price trial for the first 30 days. You will even be welcomed there by name, so can comment and download and use the App, just like any other subscriber to the world’s leading business title.
We’re honoured to partner with the blue ribband in financial journalism.

Q: What’s your refund policy?

You get the first month for half price – ie R60. Thereafter should you decide to cancel any time, you’ll enjoy full access until the end of the current billing cycle.

Q: What are the benefits of the one year subscription?

Because of currency volatility, many members prefer “locking in” their subscriptions for longer periods. Thus, the one-year subscription is a popular option, removing the need to continuously recalculate exchange rates.

Q: How do the webinars work?

We’ve been hosting online webinars since 2015 as a monthly update for members who invested in the Biznews Global Share portfolio (return over 35%pa since inception). These webinars are for members only – we send you a link where you can register before every webinar.

Q: Who manages BizNews Premium?

Premium is spearheaded by Biznews founder Alec Hogg and supported by the BizNews team of award winning journalists. It features a treasure trove of original content. You can learn more about the BizNews team on the About Us page.

Q: I have a question that is not answered here.

Email [email protected]. We take pride in our rapid turnaround.

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