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Mason Rothschild Partners with Moonpay to Fuel Web3 Creativity

Mason Rothschild Partners with Moonpay to Fuel Web3 Creativity

Mason Rothschild is bringing his disruptive Web3 art studio Gasoline into the MoonPay ecosystem. Gasoline will now offer MoonPay’s arsenal of resources to its project builders. What does this partnership mean for Gasoline and MoonPay?

Mason Rothschild's Web3 company Gasoline is partnering with MoonPay
Web3 studio Gasoline is partnering with MoonPay

Image Credit: Gasoline

What does the partnership with MoonPay mean for Mason Rothschild’s Gasoline?

MoonPay is a Web3 infrastructure provider. It provides streamlined top-to-bottom solutions for everything from minting NFTs, handling credit card payments, custodying digital assets, and more. Since launching in 2018, MoonPay has worked with over 500 partners in over 160 countries with a primary focus on being the Web3 expert for Web2 brands.

Gasoline will use MoonPay’s full suite of products for several upcoming projects, including Rothschild’s own Web3 community Rodeo. Through this partnership, consumers will be able to have increased access to Gasoline’s clients. Similarly, Gasoline projects will have an easier time reaching a wide mainstream audience.

Tom Capone, the Head of Entertainment of MoonPay, wrote, “We are thrilled to be working with Gasoline on many exciting new projects. With the added power of Gasoline’s creative expertise, we will be able to better serve the artists and creators that benefit from our product suite. We look forward to sharing more details in the coming months.”

What is Gasoline?

Mason Rothschild started Gasoline as an extension of himself. He is an innovator and takes pride in always pushing the envelope with how new technology will disrupt our daily lives. The multi-disciplinary artist and designer is also the creative director of Terminal27.

Rothschild first burst onto the scene with his line of “Art School Dropout” T-shirts. These T-shirts feature the names of popular art schools in collegiate styling common with traditional schools. He continued to challenge the status quo with the release of his NFT project, MetaBirkins. The project parodied Birkins, the popular line of handbags by Hermes. Hermes eventually petitioned OpenSea to remove the collection from its marketplace, fueling a philosophical conversation about IP law versus freedom of speech rights.

Mason Rothschild created controversy with the MetaBirkins NFT
Mason Rothschild’s MetaBirkins NFT collection created controversy

Now that Gasoline is partnered with Moonpay, many more art fans will have the opportunity to experience Rothschild’s brand of artistic expression for themselves.

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