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Here’s Which Couples From Season 4 of Love Is Blind Are Still Together

Here’s Which Couples From Season 4 of Love Is Blind Are Still Together

The fourth season of Love Is Blind is drawing to a close this weekend on Netflix, with a special live reunion episode in which hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey will catch up with the couples who made it out of the dating-in-the-dark pod phase of the show, including those pairings who said “I do” to a life with their new partner.

But as Shakespeare himself wrote, the course of true love never did run smooth—and let’s be honest, that is doubly true when you’re talking about reality TV. So it shouldn’t surprise anybody to learn that life after Love Is Blind proved troublesome for some of the couples. Here’s everything we know about where the Season 4 cast are now, and which couples are still together.

Paul and Micah

Despite originally expressing interest in other people, Paul and Micah eventually formed a connection and ended up walking down the aisle… but not without their misgivings. Micah was so reluctant to make her vows that she let Paul go first, and he told her and everyone present: “I don’t.” Ultimately, Paul revealed in a confessional that he couldn’t ever imagine marrying Micah.

Marshall and Jackie

Jackie agreed to get engaged to Marshall even though she still had feelings for another Season 4 contestant, Josh, leading to tension between her and her new fiancé. And when Josh contacted her to say that her feelings were reciprocated, Jackie skipped her wedding dress fitting to go on a date with him.

Or at least, that’s the timeline that the Love Is Blind editing team presented. Jackie insists that it unfolded differently. Either way, Jackie and Marshall are kaput.

Brett and Tiffany

After the tumultuous drama of Season 4, this couple will restore your faith in love. Brett and Tiffany seemed made for each other from day one, and the only conflict that seemed to arise on their wedding day arose from the fact that Brett’s suit didn’t fit perfectly, as he wanted everything to be just perfect for the special occasion. Brett and Tiffany are now living together in Seattle.

Zack and Bliss

Zack was originally engaged to the “mean girl” of the season, Irina, but their relationship fizzled out during a vacation to Mexico, during which Irina admitted that she was attracted to Paul. Zack then got back in touch with Bliss, whose company he had enjoyed in the pods, eventually proposing to her. Despite some doubts on Bliss’ side regarding his first engagement, the pair tied the knot and appear to still be together.

Kwame and Chelsea

This couple faced several obstacles on their way to the altar, from a disagreement over whether they would live once they were married, to Chelsea struggling to gain the approval of Kwame’s mother. Finally, though, the big day arrived, with Kwame’s family present, and the couple got hitched. We’ll find out whether the rest of those issues got resolved in the reunion.

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