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Car owners abandon vehicle for tro-tro over fuel price hike

Car owners abandon vehicle for tro-tro over fuel price hike

The continuous increase in transport fares, has resulted in people parking their cars home and joining public transport, while others walk short distances to cut cost.

The recent 15 per cent increment in fuel prices projected at GH₵1.24 per litre has portrayed high cost of living resulting in increase in economic hardships of citizens in the country.

Interactions by the Ghanaian times on Monday with a section of the public revealed some difficulties and challenges they faced in the hikes in prices.

Speaking to Bright Tinbu, he said the increase in fuel prices affected him badly, as he had to park his vehicle at home.

“I spend more money daily, buying fuel than I budget for my weekly expenditure, earlier I could buy fuel for about GH₵5but now is GH₵12, this has compelled me to park my car at home to use public transport,” he said.

Patience Moferi alluded to the fact that increase in fares and goods was a worry to many individuals.

“Personally I don’t use my car again, fuel prices are high, though I use less of public transportation it is better rather it is affecting my business since the increase in fuel and everything,” she said.

Rosemary Ankrah stated that she had to cut down on her budget on food and other stuffs because standard of living was difficult as things were expensive.

Benjamin Nkrumah opined that with the structure of the Ghanaian economy, any marginal increase in transport fares affects everything in the country.

“Due to increase in everything, I have to adjust my lifestyle and exhibit prudence in my spending in order to keep my expenditure within my income level,” he said.

Philip Acquah on his part narrated how he had to work till late night in order to get more money.

“I’m an Uber driver but no more driving because the car consumes a lot of petrol so now I am looking for a car with low consumption so I can survive,” he stated.

Richard Yeboah, in his submission, said high transport and commodity prices had crippled businesses and affected the incomes gained by traders.

Jozzy Ankrah said one has to forgo a three square meal and do a meal or two while walking a distance to pick a bus in order to go according to the budgeted money for the day.

Perpetual Bonney, speaking on the matter said, she was afraid her salary could not take up to a month because transportation was 70 per cent of it.

“First my transportation from home to work was GH₵9, now is almost GH₵17 excluding food which is not fair,” she said.

Samuel Oduro stated that because he ran an online business, transporting every item purchased was difficult as mostly he paid large portion of my profit to the delivery guys.

Adding that, sales haddeclined as a result of people’s inability to purchase items because of rise in goods.


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