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Ankr partners with Pocket Network to offer a more decentralized Web3 ecosystem

Ankr partners with Pocket Network to offer a more decentralized Web3 ecosystem

Ankr, which is one of the fastest-growing Web3 infrastructure providers, has announced its partnership with Pocket Network, a blockchain data ecosystem for Web3 decentralized applications (dApps). The partnership marks a major step towards a fully decentralized ecosystem for the entire Web3 ecosystem.

Coincidentally, both Pocket Network and Ankr are the biggest advocates of developing a decentralized node infrastructure for Web3 and it was a matter of time before they came together to achieve this.

Following the partnership, Pocket Network will become a node provider on the Ankr Protocol thus allowing its node validators to earn some revenue for supplying nodes to the Ankr Protocol network.

Decentralized nodes for the Web3 ecosystem

The partnership will also enable thousands of developers, dApps, and crypto wallets to interact with blockchain using the RPC services of the two networks in reaching high performance and fully decentralized pool of nodes.

Normally, Ankr Protocol allows whitelisted providers to supply nodes through its network, and Pocket Network will be the most decentralized and largest node provider.

After inking the partnership, the Chief Marketing Officer at Ankr, Greg Gopman, said:

“Bringing Pocket onto the Ankr Protocol marks a new era of coverage and decentralization for Ankr and our clients. We love what Pocket has started and the passionate community they’ve fostered. We’re thrilled to have them join on our journey to create the best Web3 Infrastructure solutions.” 

On the other hand, pocket Network has a network of 44,000 nodes that are distributed around the globe. Its partnership with Ankr makes it one of the go-to node providers on Ankr. The more nodes that Pocket provides the better for its native token, the POKT, which gives incentives to the Pocket Network developers, node providers, and token holders.

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